Wash & Glo - New Product Launch

We are excited to launch our latest product Wash & Glo.... we have been working on this summer wash product for some time and have had it being used by testers across the country for the past few months with amazing results!!!

Wash & Glo contains french high altitude lavender, tea tree & yarrow essential oils which are all soothing to the skin whilst being disliked by bugs it smells lovely for us and your horse :)  We also added organic aloe gel and calendula infused conditioning oil to leave the skin conditioned and the coat glowing!

So we think we've got the perfect summer 'Wash Off' product in a bottle not only does it remove sweat, dirt & grime, help keep flies away but leaves your horse's coat sparkling clean too...and we are releasing it at a special launch price of just £10.00 until 30th June 2023.Pick yours up today, send us a photo on socials, leave us a review and if you don't love it as much as we do we will be happy to refund