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Amazing! The cool it is perfect both as a wash after riding (especially in summer!) and as a gel to instantly soothe their legs after they’ve had a good session riding! (I use it as a gel after XC & showjumping!)


I love WellGel products; came across them after a field mate chewed my mares mane into non-existence but a bit of WellGel helped her mane grow through thick and luscious.

Chilli Hodgson

Being a vet physio, I have recommended the Cool It gel to some of my clients with horses with tendon injuries. This works well to cool the tendons after exercise. I also love the warming wash for helping to warm up arthritic joints before exercise. I will continue to recommend these Well Gel products to my clients where I think they might benefit. Very friendly and approachable team too!!

Lucy Walsh

Amazing products... all natural and essential oils... my fav being the mane event! Anyone with a winter mane or lack of needs this! The soothe it just does that - makes it all more bearable and healing. The shampoo is kind and gentle but hard working... plus all the products smell amazing!!!

Mel Eve James

Been using this product for a couple of months, my pony has sweet itch and I’ve been using soothe it on his mane and tail 2 or 3 times a week, he also wears a sweet itch rug 24/7. Because it’s natural and cooling he loves having it applied, the products I used before had lots of chemicals in and think they hurt when applied as he’d always protest at having them put on but now he realises we use soothe it he stands stock still and loves it. His mane and tail look great for the first time ever in the summer! It smells amazing too. Can 100% recommend.


The best shampoo I’ve ever tried! Having 2 grey ponies who both love to roll this shampoo has worked miracles at keeping them cleaner for longer! The bottle lasts ages & a small amount goes along way and less soapy suds so less rinsing! Will never buy another brand of shampoo!


Highly recommend well gel products! Especially the winter warming wash, leaves my boy with an incredible shine! The Simply Gel is fab too, healed his scars from surgery amazingly. Well gel products are a must have for all yardsx

Caitlin Clark

I love love love the new warming wash! It smells divine, had my horses coats gleaming after a hot wash and it’s a lovely natural product. Highly recommend this and other products I’ve tried too.

Angela Westgarth

I use the well jel foot spa spray on my pony who gets thrush in his feet. This is the only cost effective solution I have found that works very quickly. Highly recommend it!

Kerry Clements

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Shell Saunt
Wash & Glo - it does exactly that!!!

So we won a recent Instagram competition winning 3 must have summer products (bug off, soothe it and wash & glo)… OMG the wash & glo is amazing! It smells Devine (as do the other 2) but this is my particular favourite as I love to wash Harry down quickly! Just 1/4 bucket of water and a squeeze of the wash & glow - that’s it just wipe your furr baby over and voila it’s done! They smell lovely and sweat and grease free! It’s so good I’ve just bought 2 more bottles of it as it is Devine 🩷

Deb S-G
Love love love!!!!

100% recommend these products, I use them on both my competition horses and our riding school horses with the confidence of natural products that really work. The Mane event has worked wonders with some that have had manes rubbed from rugs. The Well gel original is my absolute go to for any cuts, grazes etc and the spray it has really helped ponies with mud fever
The Reem Gleam gives my dressage horse that extra shine for the show ring so thankyou for these great products and best of all the loveliest lady to deal with!!!!

Shampoo is the best

I use the shampoo daily as a wash off. It’s so good, keeps them scurf and sweat free without stripping their oils from the coats. Keeps them shiny and healthy looking.

Katie Vincent
Mane event - wonder spray

No grooming kit should be without at least one Well Gel product! One of my favourites is Mane Event. Mane Event helps with hair re growth Essential in winter months to help with mane rubs/loss from rugs. However, I use it twice a week on the tail, it helps keep it healthy and tangle free, woodchips just fall out, it shines and smells divine. It’s a pleasure to work with and gives you a boost with the aroma's. All the products are fabulous 5*

Everyday essential!

I have a few horses that we imported overseas that have terrible hooves. Cracked, broken and super weak…
With out Aloe hoof my horses wouldn’t be ridden throughout the year, as they were forever loosing shoes and breaking their feet up causing them to constantly be foot sore.
After consistently using this product we keep shoes on with very strong hooves. It’s a must!