Spray It 200g
Spray It 200g

Spray It 200g

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A completely natural product made with essential oils, with cleansing, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

May help the skins’ natural healing process with rain scald and in cases of mud fever and minor wounds when used with Well Gel Original. Use as a mist for its anti-fungal properties to help combat spores in the stable environment.

Contains: melaleuca alternifolia and commiphora myrrha 200g spray bottle. Use within 6 months of first application. None of the ingredients appear of the FEI banned substance list. Hand made in the U.K.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mel day
Spray it is excellent !!

This product is so good anything !! My go to when required plus it’s all natural ❤️

Julie English
Just wow

I have been using this after mud fever and it’s great the hair is growing back I now spray once every few days and the improvement is amazing with him itching like with other products

Lianna Dadson
Rain Scald & Mud Fever

6 weeks ago we took on a little Shetland with the worst Mud Fever & Rain Scald I have ever seen all over his body & legs that some were bleeding & weeping. We washed him daily, removing all the scabs , dried him completely and sprayed the Well Gel Spray it all over his open sores. On his deeper sores we used the Well Gel aloe vera Gel as well and within 2 weeks the skin was less inflamed and hair had started to re grow. 6 weeks later he is back to his normal self with a healthy shining coat.

Tommy Harwood
An essential!

I have used this product on my horse as he is fully clipped all year so is prone to mud fever in the winter, easy to apply with a well directed spray bottle for those who get funny with having their legs touched. I also find it helps him with fly bites as it cools and soothes.

I also used it on my dog when she has sensitive skin in the summer as she loves a roll in the grass which nearly always results in a rash. This product soothes the rash and prevents her from scratching herself raw!


Fingers crossed 🤞 it helps