The Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Summer Flies and Horse Flies!

Summer horse flies, also known as clegs or gadflies, are a common nuisance for horses and humans alike during the warmer months. These large, blood-sucking flies can cause discomfort and irritation with their painful bites. Understanding more about these pests can help you better protect yourself and your animals.

What are Summer Horse Flies?

Summer horse flies belong to the Tabanidae family and are known for their size and painful bite. These flies are typically active during the summer months and are attracted to movement, warmth, and carbon dioxide. Female horse flies require a blood meal to reproduce, making them a nuisance for both humans and animals.

How to Identify Summer Horse Flies

Summer horse flies are larger than typical house flies, with a stout body and colorful eyes. They are often seen near water sources, as they lay their eggs on vegetation near water. These flies are known for their painful bite, which can leave a swollen, itchy welt on the skin.

We recommend Using Fly Protection 24/7

A suitable fly rug is always a good idea for protection when your horse is in the field and our Bug Off Insect Repellent is an excellent deterrent spray to use when riding as it is made in an organic aloe vera gel base with citriodora eucalyptus, cedar wood, tea tree & lavender essential oils blended to be kind to both human and horse's skin whilst being especially disliked by biting bugs. 

Obviously, the heat brings the added problems of our horses getting sweaty when exercised but we have now developed a new Wash & Glo no rinse wash off product with added organic aloe, calendula infused skin conditioning oil and tea tree, lavender & yarrow essential oils to deter the flies too, customers who have tried this product are giving it a 5* review for its aroma and the shine it leaves on the coat.

Please remember if you or your horse do get bitten to treat the bites as a wound, wash and clean the area and apply an antiseptic cream or gel such at Well Gel Original or Soothe It which contain tea tree, lavender, chamomile & yarrow essential oils all with antibacterial properties and both soothing and cooling to the skin.

Top Tip - Avoid water ways/ponds/ditch lines where horse flies like to lay.