Our Ethos

We are all striving to improve our carbon hoofprint and we at Well Gel Products are always reviewing the way we manufacture our products and how they are presented to you.  We are currently upgrading all our plastic pots and bottles, where possible, to PET grade recyclable plastic and as soon as market forces allow, we will switch to either recycled or plant based (sugar cane) plastic. 

Many customers ask why not use aluminium bottles or pouches instead of bottles?

Aluminium is very energy-intensive to produce so has a high carbon footprint, which most people are unaware of, and many aluminium bottles used for cosmetic/skin applications are plastic lined which proves restrictive for recycling. Aluminium pouches too, require plastic lining which makes them hard to recycle and are already filling the waterways in third world countries where they are shipped to be recycled.

We are constantly looking at ways to help the environment and to this end have produced re-fills on our products that use spray nozzles so that you, the customer can save and re-use the single use item plastics we sell and from 2022 we will no longer be providing Pump Dispensers with any of our products, they will now all come with either flip lids or screw tops. Please remember to remove our labels, rinse and put your empty pots and bottles into the recycle bins/bags in your area.