The positive Impact of Using Recyclable Packaging

Packaging is undoubtable a part of our everyday life. It protects products, preserves them, enhances them and displays important information. However, the truth is that packaging is often viewed as waste.

But how can we change this perception? what are the benefits of using recyclable packaging ?

The benefits of recycling our waste are enormous compared to the action it entails.

Recycling means saving raw materials, energy, water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

Several studies carried out by ESCI (School of International Studies), the Cidaut Foundation (Research and Development in Transport and Energy) and the UNESCO Chair have shown that the energy required to get recycled raw material is less than that used to get virgin raw material.

Therefore, a key consideration of good packaging design involves the generation of less waste following the end of its’ useful life, whilst still helping consumers to use it and the contained products efficiently. So, what do we get from this?  packaging matters and we can make it environmentally friendly!

There is a wide variety of recyclable materials these days, and can be divided in three main types:

Reusable packaging: This is any form of packaging that can be cleaned and re-used such as tin that its used as  candle holder afterwards.

Recyclable packaging: This is packaging made of materials that can be used again, usually after processing and some of these materials are glass, metal, card, paper and – increasingly certain plastics.

Biodegradable packaging: This covers any packaging and material will easily break down in the soil or the atmosphere (in most cases if sent to landfill).

Whilst materials such as glass and metals will eventually break down over time, the most common form of biodegradable packaging is paper based materials.

Here at Well Gel Products we are environment conscious and that’s why we invest a higher rate in our packaging to make sure everything is recyclable from our bottles, labels of peel off and throw and corrugated cardboard boxes for our delivery packaging.