Well Gel original

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An Aloe Vera gel with essential oils which can be used on cuts and mud fever, to aid the skins natural healing process. Contains pure Aloe Vera gel, tea tree, lavender, roman chamomile, achillea millefolium, daucus carota which are blended to make a great smelling gel that is easy to apply and contains all the benefits of the pure essential oils. 125g


11 reviews for Well Gel original

  1. Victoria

    I run a busy yard and I have been using this gel for the last three years successfully on a number of horses. I have used it on numerous skin problems such as mud fever, minor cuts (helps heal very quickly) and irritated skin. I have always had brilliant results from using this gel.

  2. Sarah

    Have used this gel for just one week and amazed by the results in such a short space of time!

  3. Beverley H

    I have been using the gel for the past ten years on my horse for a number of ailments but particularly for mud fever, with no side effects whatsoever. I have found the gel fantastic to use and a real help in caring for my horse.

  4. Ella

    This product is amazing, I use on my pony and my dog if he gets any small cuts/grazes. Love it!! Xx

  5. Kirsty H

    I have used this cream on various cuts grazes and irritated skin and within 24 hrs the skin is noticeably beginning to heal. Only a small amount is needed too, the first thing I reach for when the horses are injured 🙂

  6. Judy

    This gel is amazing! My horse had some horrible mud fever all around his coronet bands on all four feet, I found this gel so easy to massage in and it gently lifted the scabs off and the swelling went down and the hair grew back. No more mud fever 🙂 thank you Well Gel

  7. Steph Winn

    Well Gel is a great product that I love to use! And it’s made from natural ingredients which makes a big difference! A must buy!

  8. Annie

    Bought this 10 days ago as my eventer had some horrible mud fever around her fetlocks. I can’t believe how well it works, all scabs and swelling gone, happy horse, happy me, thank you

  9. Julie (verified owner)

    I was given a free sample of this at Olympia just before Christmas. I used it recently to treat mudfever. Just one application cleared it up and I decided to order a full size well gel immediately. It works better than anything else I’ve used. I was hoping to have a free sample but none arrived with my order. I still have the little pot from olympia so I can put a sample in there and spread the gel! Lots of horses at my yard have mudfever and now we have something to treat it that works!

  10. Niki Wooldridge

    Fantastic product! I received a free sample of Well Gel Original after a post was put on social media suggesting it would be good for horses with mud fever. I cant recommend this product enough. It helped sooth my horse who was getting very irritated by the scabs and started drying them up almost instantly. It has also helped with the re-growth of the lost hair. I shall be recommending this to all my friends. The best thing is its all natural. Thank you.

  11. Alison treadwell

    Absolutely amazing

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