Simply Well Gel

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An Aloe Vera gel containing essential oils for use on horses that may aid the skin”s natural healing process and can be applied to cuts, scrapes, bumps and rubs. Unlike ‘Well Gel’ it does not contain Tea Tree oil which makes it more suitable for sensitive skin, yet it still has antibacterial and soothing properties. Contains pure aloe vera gel, lavender, roman chamomile, achillea millefolium, daucus carota. Easy to apply and smells ‘Simply’ great. 125g


8 reviews for Simply Well Gel

  1. Natalie

    Just recently bought this gel and I am really impressed with the results, would definitely recommend

  2. Katie V

    I call this ‘Magic Gel” my veteran Wendy Jane started to get deep sores all over her body I tried everything on the market nothing really cleared it, the vet took samples all came back clear! My frustrations continued until I got the gel I have never looked back, Wendy James sores cleared to be replaced with fresh clear skin, I didn’t expect the hair to grow back but it did! It smells divine & is a natural product… My groom box is never without it!

  3. Julie

    My mare has particularly sensitive skin so have to be really careful what I use on her, as this is natural I thought I would give it a try on a recent skin condition she has, so far after just one week, looking really positive, so glad I have found this product!

  4. Louise

    Cant be without this product now, a great find!

  5. Natalie H

    To cut a (very long!) story short, my mare who I have owned for 15yrs developed a skin problem whilst out on loan 7yrs ago which is still unfortunately undiagnosed, despite numerous skin scrapes and biopsies etc. Treatment is usually steroids and a topical steroid based cream which she hates! I have been using Simply Well Gel twice daily since her skin last flared up. She loves having the gel massaged in and it has really soothed the sores as she is no longer itching. It has effectively dried them too and remarkably, the new skin growing through is healthy. I only wish I had taken photos! A fantastic product, I’m so pleased to see her happy again. Thank you

  6. Tiffany Wilkinson

    Absolutely brilliant product! Used it on everything from skin scrapes and girth gall on horses to swelling and bruising (avoiding the stitching) on the dog after a very delicate operation and on my own bites! Vet couldn’t believe the difference the gel made to the dog. Cannot recommend well gel in all its varieties enough!

  7. Helen Andrews

    Picked up a pot at the weekend as I have been hearing so much about this, my boy had an odd rash on his neck, in just three days of using the gel, its almost gone, it is magic!

  8. Kelly Fossett – Chestnut Saddles

    After speaking to Jane in a local feed shop about her product, I bought a pot to try on my Dales gelding as he has always suffered with flaky skin behind his knees. Nothing I have previously tried has soothed this condition and it had become inflammed due to the wet weather. After using the product for around 5 days the sore and inflammed areas had all but disappeared and he was happy for me to touch the area again. I now recommend this product to all my friends and customers and use it once a week now on my boy to keep the area clean and healthy. Oh and it smells amazing too!!

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